Elementus, CryptoArmor Team for Blockchain Ecosystem Security

Web3 blockchain data analytics firm Elementus has just announced a partnership with CryptoArmor, a cybersecurity-as-service company catering to the needs of the web3 and crypto industries. With this solution, Web3 firms could become more proactive in their risk management in the face of rising crypto criminality.

One area where this collaboration will benefit customers is in the area of web3 development security and threat detection. In doing so, Elementus is staying true to its stated goal of using blockchain data to aid data-driven, forward-thinking businesses of all sizes in harnessing the technology’s potential.

How the partnership improves security in the blockchain ecosystem

The rising number of security breaches is one of the main problems in the blockchain ecosystem. These breaches have cost the sector billions of dollars and 2022 has registered record losses to hackers and scam artists. As a result of the collaboration, blockchain companies can utilize the retained services of CryptoArmor to adopt a preventative stance against cyber security. Provides incident response, security architecture and design, security program development, and advanced penetration testing services in the realm of cybersecurity.

For crypto enterprises and operations, CryptoArmor provides top-tier cybersecurity protection across a wide range of use cases, including mining, blockchain, web3, NFT projects, wallets, exchanges, and more. It provides an all-intelligence-sources-considered strategy for handling dangers to national security. Its cutting-edge cybersecurity technology provides top-notch safety for organizations using blockchain technologies and services.

Financial institutions are utilizing the blockchain intelligence platform offered by Elementus to build the future of finance and commerce on the foundation of blockchain technology and digital currencies. Also, key governmental agencies in the United States are utilizing this platform in order to tackle high-profile ransomware cases.

Elementus’ data-first architecture and in-house developed algorithms allow for a comprehensive understanding of financial transactions down to the finest of details. The highest level of confidence is now available, thanks to the partnership with CryptoArmor. This will enable financial services providers and cryptocurrency exchanges to integrate blockchain data into their strategic operations confidently.