Dexioprotocol Announces P2E Season, With Up To $10K For Grabs

Today, Dexioprotocol (DEXI), a revolutionary hybrid on- and off-blockchain gaming firm, has announced the commencement of the first play-to-earn season of DexiKnights game. DexiKnights is a multiplayer online role-playing game (MPORPG). The PC and Mac version of the “hack-and-slash” video game DexiKnights, features the most recent iteration of the upgradeable NFT technology. The weekly, monthly, and seasonal leaderboards will each have prize pools worth $1,000, $3,000, and $10,000, respectively. Also, players will have the opportunity to compete for a spot on these leaderboards beginning on June 1.

The Dexioprotocol ecosystem

Gaming is one of the most popular recreational activities in the world. Therefore, Dexioprotocol wants to broaden blockchain’s appeal by introducing gaming to more people and companies. Its extensive ecosystem includes two tokens, two NFT marketplaces and a wallet with integrated exchange. Ultimately, the Dexioprotocol gaming ecosystem is designed to cater to a variety of players. The ecosystem focuses an emphasis on sustainable gaming and provides flexibility to manage the ever-changing blockchain laws.

Even as the crypto market continues to struggle for traction, gaming is one of the segments that promise great growth potential. With P2E gaming, players have the chance to generate passive income while having fun. Furthermore, NFTs are sustainable revenue streams that also give players bragging rights for owning rare collectibles. With DEXI also having two NFT marketplaces, it is likely to continue attracting more gamers to its ecosystem.

Interoperability among  Dexioprotocol games means that players of DexiKnights may soon come across early air drops for DexiDragons while playing the game. In the next few weeks, the development of the NFT and P2E mobile application, DexiDragons, will reach its conclusion. Thereafter, the application will start its public beta phase in the latter half of June. Players can capture dragons and train them for player-versus-player combat in this turn-based strategy game.