Decentral Games Introduces Fast-Paced Sit-n-Go ICE Poker

Decentral Games, the metaverse gaming platform is adding a new Sit-n-Go (SNG) Tournaments mode to the widely played ICE Poker game. Blinds in ICE Poker SNG start at 10/20 and double every 4 minutes. Also the game maxes out at 6 players. This new mode will allow for fast-paced, one-round tournaments. In the in-game economy, players can earn tokens in ICE and xDG while competing for ICE wearables.

Each games run for 45 minutes, and the Tournament Badges earned by winners can be exchanged for wearables, in-game currency (ICE), ICE accessories and xDG tokens. A predetermined quantity of Shine must be present on the player’s wearable in order to compete in the tournament. Furthermore, they can replenish this Shine can be using ICE tokens. Those who finish in second place will get refunds on their Shine entry fee.

What’s distinctive about SNG tournaments?

The ICE token is used in SNG events, providing another avenue of use and demand within the ICE Poker community. In Shine, a portion of the ICE is burnt as a token sink for the game economy rather than being redistributed to winners. By doing this, Decentral Games has ensured that the token economy does not have an oversupply.

Also, when compared to the ordinary Challenge mode, the entry requirements for Sit-n-Go tournaments are substantially lower. This allows skilled players without large amounts of capital to begin playing with a Tournament Wearable. Thereafter, they can prove their value, and then upgrade to Flex or the All Access Wearable. Players have the opportunity to improve their craft and may finally amass sufficient tokens to purchase the coveted All Access Wearable. This is a masterstroke by Decentral Games, as it will likely attract many users.

In order to compete in any tournament, players must have both the wearable and the Shine system. They need to buy a Tournament, Flex, or All Access pass. You can only utilize Tournament Wearables in SNG tournaments and Flex Wearables on the ICE Poker Flex App. On the other hand, the All Access Wearables grants access to both ecosystems.