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Core Quickswap Contributors Launch 50x Leverage Project on Kava Chain

Multiple core contributors to Quickswap, a permissionless Ethereum-based DEX for DeFi, have launched an exciting new project, Kinetix Finance on Kava Chain. Kava Chain is an interoperable blockchain between Cosmos and Ethereum that operates at Layer 1, and Kinetix’s technology offers a novel, safe, and efficient means of leveraging trade on the Kava Chain.

The Kinetix Perpetual Market and DeFi

For those who want the benefits of leverage trading without the restrictions of centralised exchanges, Kinetix Finance’s perpetual exchange is a great destination.  By leveraging Kava Chain’s innovative Perpetual Market, traders can get the most out of their DeFi transactions. The Kava blockchain is both safe and fast, bringing together the best features of Ethereum and Cosmos in a single, scalable platform.

The Kinetix Perpetual Market provides users with leveraged exposure to crypto assets including KAVA, axlETH, axlWBTC, ATOM, and USDt while maintaining the highest standards of safety and transparency in the industry. The Perpetual Market offers a package of advanced features designed with the most discerning DeFi customers in mind. According to the platform, because of its decentralised structure, users can take positions of any size with total confidence.

Kinetix’s unique KLP liquidity pool mechanism is the engine that drives the company’s Perpetual Market. Investors can contribute KAVA, axlETH (ETH), axlBTC (BTC), ATOM, or USDT, the first five supported assets. The KLP token is designed to be as similar as possible to conventional liquidity pool protocols in order to give traders a comfortable and familiar experience.

As compensation for their token contributions, contributors will be awarded KLP, a unique liquidity token represeinting the entire basket. Together, the protocol’s AMM and its decentralised architecture facilitate leverage trading that enables borrowers to borrow against the collateral they have posted.