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Bitget Releases AI-Powered Grid Trading Solution

Crypto derivatives and copy trading company Bitget has introduced its AI-powered Grid Trading tool. AI Grid Trading is a quantitative trading strategy that fully automates all trades for clients by making use of trading algorithms. Specifically, these are trading algorithms that schedule buy and sell orders inside a specified range and at regular intervals. The purpose of the launch is to help new crypto traders who lack extensive trading experience gain access to this complex investment approach.

Bitet’s grid trading AI and the case for AI in financial markets

In order to optimise trading parameters for certain market cycles, the grid trading method entails looking back at historical data to spot patterns in the market. Traders can establish a price range and intervals between buys and sells by analysing price movements and volatility under different scenarios.

Grid trading bots help traders avoid making rash decisions in the midst of market uncertainty so they may focus on carrying out their predetermined trading strategy. In addition to making trading “smarter,” Bitget’s new AI function is designed to make it easier for people with no prior trading expertise to get started.

Users on Bitget can choose from a variety of Grid Trading AI bots, such as “conservative,” “secure,” and “aggressive,” to suit their preferred level of risk. “Secure” algorithms are aimed for more experienced traders who are comfortable with a moderate level of risk, whereas conservative ones are designed with beginners in mind. With so many different AI bots to choose from, traders can find one that perfectly suits their needs.

After the success of June’s Martingale AI release by Bitget, the company has now included a Grid Trading AI tool. The Martingale Strategy simplifies a complex plan, making it easier to understand and implement. To recoup losses and make a profit, the Martingale approach calls for an ever-increasing investment amount following each setback.

Products powered by AI have the potential to democratise access to cutting-edge strategies, leading to more robust systems and increased earnings. Bitget isn’t the only company adding AI features to their products. Bitget says it would bring AI in a secure way to help traders in developing more robust strategies and maximising returns, two areas that have long been embraced by the financial sector.