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Alkimi Launches Mainnet, Heralding A New Dawn for Digital Advertising

Alkimi, the decentralised advertisement exchange, has launched its mainnet and is opening its blockchain-based programmatic platform to advertisers and publishers. With the release of a customised consensus, its blockchain infrastructure can now facilitate the decentralised purchase and sale of advertising space.

A new paradigm in digital advertising

Designed with advertising in mind, Alkimi Exchange is an Ethereum-based layer 2 scaling solution. For the digital advertising ecosystem, the Alkimi mainnet promises more efficiency, full transparency, and better performance. With a projected $678.9 billion in digital ad expenditure in 2023, Alkimi Exchange plans to leverage this opportunity by bringing a substantial amount of this spend on-chain.

The introduction of this mainnet signifies a sea change in the way digital advertising is executed, in addition to a technical breakthrough.  This is expected to result in a decrease in fees of 3-5%, or $9.03 to $2.71, down from over 37%. As a result, advertising campaign performance is expected to rise by 19% and marketers are expected to have access to 212% more media.

The mainnet launch gives advertisers and media agencies a new level of transparency and accountability for their advertising budgets. On the other hand, publishers stand to gain from a more efficient and lucrative approach to ad management and income production. This is because they will receive a larger share of the advertising budget, which will allow them to increase the value they provide online.

Alkimi has also introduced Liquidity Staking Derivative (LSD) with the new mainnet. This is a crucial component, as it enables users to stake their LP tokens (stADS) on the user interface, labs.alkimi.org, and join a liquidity pool on Balancer. With this function, users can “yield farm” on the internet.

Alkimi is leveraging blockchain technology to revolutionise the industry by raising the bar for transparency and performance. This is critical to realising a more efficient, open, and equitable future for digital advertising.