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Acura Capital Invests $10 Million in Patex In Latin America Strategic Partnership

Acura Capital, an investment management company focusing on emerging markets and Patex, the native blockchain network focusing on Latin America, have formed a collaborative partnership to advance blockchain technology throughout Latin America. Acura is investing $10 million in Patex, giving the latter a valuation of $100 million thanks to Acura’s purchase of a 10% interest.

A new dawn for Latin America?

Acura Capital and Patex’s combined knowledge and experience in the blockchain business bodes well for the future of the digital economy in Latin America. This agreement seeks to establish a thriving professional environment that promotes education, development, and access by responding to the challenges facing blockchain inf the region and offering innovative solutions.

Latin America is a promising market for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology thanks to its growing interest in digital assets and high rate of crypto transactions. Acura, one of the largest Brazilian investment businesses and Patex have joined forces, paving the way for widespread use of CBDCs across Latin America.

An important milestone on the road to widespread crypto adoption in Latin America will be the expected establishment of the first CBDCs in the region in the first quarter of 2024. Patex is among the region’s foremost web3 companies, making it well positioned to lead the charge in CBDC trading and provide a game-changing answer to the problems plaguing the region.

Acura Capital, well-known for its private equity and structured credit investments, contributes its extensive network of expertise across industries and asset classes to support Patex’s lofty goals. Patex Wallet is a new cross-chain crypto wallet that does not store users’ digital assets in a third party’s custody. The two entities are working together to make the blockchain industry more accessible and secure, with crypto wallet access being central to this.

The Patex Ecosystem includes the Patex Network, the C-Patex Exchange, and the Patex Campus, all of which are designed to facilitate the issuance, trading, and education of blockchain technology. However, Acura Capital’s fundamental analysis, investment methods, and risk management services are indispensable.

It is unclear the extent to which this collaboration could impact the development of blockchain applications and cryptocurrencies in the region. But for now, Acura and Patex’s foray into this exciting new region has everyone’s attention.