Zumo Introduces B2B Payments Solutions for Crypto

Payments platform Zumo has officially launched its B2B crypto payments solution. Known as “Zumo Enterprise,” it adds crypto-related product support to help businesses gain new customers and retain those they already have. New, innovative financial solutions are in high demand as the financial landscape becomes more competitive and dynamic. Because of this, the company has spotted an opportunity to serve the rapidly expanding market for crypto-based payments.

What Zumo Enterprise brings

By using the ‘Zumo Enterprise’ SDK or API, you can integrate the solution into your own software. This makes it easier for developers to integrate it and for institutions to adopt it effortlessly. Zumo Enterprise provides a compliant and versatile solution that eliminates the need for specialized teams or high development costs. Also, with this technology, financial institutions and banks may take advantage of the soaring demand for digital assets without having to build new infrastructure.

The Zumo Enterprise rollout has come at a time when the crypto market is down. Evidently, the current investor sentiment is generally in fear mode. Nonetheless, institutional interest in cryptos is still growing. Many Venture Capitalists are pumping billions of dollars into digital assets and blockchain technology. Therefore, we are likely to see strong growth in institutional acceptance of crypto for payments and a rise in the number of retail investors.

ZumoKit and Zumo App, Zumo’s prior products, served as a foundation for this current release. Beta testing for the flagship solution took place following last year’s release of Zumokit. This was a trial version of Zumo Enterprise and it has since been upgraded to full release. On the other hand, the App is a stand-alone business-to-consumer solution that features a wallet that allows users to exchange cryptocurrencies and keep them alongside British pounds.