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zkEVM Project Scroll Launches Mainnet

Scroll, a community-driven, open-source Ethereum scaling solution, has now launched its mainnet. The move is a major step forward in the effort to increase the adoption of Ethereum and the first programmable blockchain in the world.

The Scroll team says that the development experience on Scroll is quite similar to that on Ethereum due to bytecode compatibility. Yet, unlike other Web3 tokens, Scroll’s zkEVM (zero knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine) provides the same level of security as Ethereum’s blockchain. The mainnet launch follows more than a year of successful testnets. The testnet phase saw the successful processing of more than 55 million transactions on the Alpha and Beta testnets and finalisation of nearly a million batches to L1.

Optimising the power of Zero-knowledge in scaling Ethereum

According to Scroll, the launch of the mainnet demonstrates its dedication to scaling Ethereum without compromising security or decentralisation. Developers all across the world will be given the tools they need to begin working on Web3 products with the new mainnet’s rolling deployments. Ultimately, this is expected to attract more users to the Ethereum ecosystem.

The launch comes with good news for developers -with bytecode-level EVM compatibility, they simply need to copy and paste their existing Ethereum applications onto Scroll without making any modifications to the codebase. To date, over a hundred infrastructure, DeFi, gaming, and other types of projects have launched on Scroll testnets.

Increased demand on the Ethereum network often reduces transaction speeds and increases gas fees.  However, ZK proofs introduce an innovative way to significantly increase transaction throughput with faster transaction speeds and lower transaction costs.

In 2021, the Scroll team set out to create an open-source, scalable ecosystem that would take advantage of the zkEVM’s core features without compromising Ethereum’s tight security or the community’s dedication to decentralisation. In addition, the team consistently releases new findings that deepen our knowledge of ZK circuits, cryptography, and hardware acceleration.