Yield App Launches Earn+, with Up to 10% p.a. Yield

Yield App, a worldwide FinTech firm and digital wealth platform, has added a new cryptocurrency option that generates high returns. The product is designed to provide users with more options for earning passive income. Earn+ is a new suite of crypto-based passive income products that includes Ether and stablecoin portfolios with a 30-day redemption notice period. Furthermore, Yield App will enhance the current BTC passive income product to include the same capabilities as Earn+.

Why Yield App’s new product stand out

The Yield App is a platform for digital wealth that provides its users with safe and long-term returns on the most popular digital assets. One of its goals is to make it simpler for people to transition from centralized to decentralized financial systems.

The original instant access products, which offer a different interest rate in return for quick cash, are still on the market, but now go by the name Flexible. Members at the Diamond Tier of Earn Plus can currently earn up to 10% p.a. on the platform’s stablecoin products by investing in the Earn+ portfolios, which previously paid lower returns than other crypto assets.

If you want access to the Diamond Tier of the Yield App, you’ll need to stake or lock 20,000 or more of the platform’s native token YLD on the platform. The Earn+ product line expands the ways in which users of the Yield App platform can generate passive revenue.  They receive the highest returns of any Yield App crypto passive income product and many other benefits.

Since its release in 2021 February, the App has acquired over 80,000 users. The platform’s strategy revolves around the $YLD token, which offers increased annual percentage yields (APYs) to loyal community members in proportion to the amount of YLD they stake or lock. The release of the Earn+ product will likely attract more users to the platform.