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XYO Price Prediction 2022, 2025, and 2030: Is it a Good Investment?

XYO, which is the native token for the XYO network, has been in the bear market since November, when it hit its all-time high. Nonetheless, investors are keen on its adoption as the first geospatial blockchain network will play out on its token price. With this in mind, this article will focus on XYO price prediction for 2022 and beyond. The details will lay a viable foundation on whether XYO is a good investment.

What does XYO coin do?

As the first geospatial blockchain network, the XYO protocol works by anonymously collecting and validating data linked to geography, speed, humidity, temperature, or other components. Projects like Microsoft, Harmony, and Rivetz are some of the key ones that have collaborated with XY Oracle. XYO is the network’s native cryptocurrency.   

XYO coin news

As part of the XYO price prediction for the short and medium-term, investors are keen on the impact of the recent funding on the altcoin. In addition, XYO announced an ecosystem fund worth $20 million a co-investment with Outliers Fund in the past week. The amount is meant to expand its ecosystem and geospatial projects.

XYO price prediction 2022

The inflationary pressures and the Fed’s interest rate decision will influence the broader cryptocurrency market in the coming months. Indeed, one cannot conduct an XYO price prediction for 2022 without considering these aspects.

The heightened inflationary pressures have promoted a risk-off sentiment in financial markets. The crypto fear & greed index, which tracks the emotion driving the market, is at a fear level of 46. This is an improvement from last month’s extreme fear level of 23. Nonetheless, the risk-off sentiment has curbed the upward potential of most digital assets.

For instance, Bitcoin – the leading crypto by market capitalization – has bounced off the year’s low of $32,943.33. However, in the past week, the BTC price failed to sustain the attained high of $45,806.68 and is currently at $42,050.76.

XYO price prediction
XYO price prediction

As the market’s price in an interest rate hike by the Fed in March, XYO price prediction 2022 is somewhat bearish. A high-interest rate environment will likely weigh on the altcoin and other cryptocurrencies despite the probable gains that may be observed in the medium term.   

XYO price technical analysis

In addition to a detailed fundamental analysis, technical tools are helpful in formulating a feasible XYO price prediction for the coming months. Since hitting its all-time high of $0.0834 in November 2021, the altcoin has dropped by about 74.74%.

 In late January, it dropped below its launching price of $0.0225 by falling to a record low of $0.0193. Granted, it has bounced off those lows. However, it is still close to 5% below where it began in September 2021. Besides, it is only 9.85% above its lowest point.

XYO is trading below the 25 and 50-day exponential moving averages on a daily chart after being in the red for five consecutive sessions. In the short term, the range between the 50-day EMA at $0.0264 and the all-time low of $0.0193 will be worth looking out for.

While the outlook is rather bearish, the bulls may gather enough momentum to break the resistance at the 50-day EMA in the medium term. If that happens, the subsequent gains may be curbed at 0.0326.

As the year unfolds, 0.0500 will likely be a crucial resistance zone of XYO price. On the lower side, a decline past the lower border of the range, as mentioned above, will place the altcoin at new record lows as the bears eye $0.0150.

XYO price prediction
XYO price prediction

XYO price prediction 2025

As aforementioned, Bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency by means of market capitalization. Notably, altcoins tend to move in a similar direction as BTC. Therefore, an extrapolation of the current BTC/XYO ratio can yield a viable XYO price prediction for 2025.

Based on their current prices, the BTC/XYO ratio is 1,992,927.01. According to Long Forecast, BTC price prediction 2025 is for $111,298 at the beginning of the year. Subsequently, it expects the crypto to drop to $85,300 in mid-year and further down to $70,275 by the end of the year.

BTC price prediction
BTC price prediction

With these figures in mind, XYO price prediction for 2025 is for the altcoin to be at $0.0558 at the beginning of the year. It will likely drop to $0.0428 in June and lower to $0.0352 by year-end as the year unfolds.

XYO price prediction 2030

XYO price prediction 2030 may not be definitive as the crypto market is highly volatile. From this perspective, a shift in market trends will impact the crypto’s price path. Therefore, it is crucial to formulate viable trading strategies for long-term investment. This includes identifying and sticking to one’s level of risk appetite. It also helps to conduct detailed research and keep abreast of the latest news.

How to buy XYO

Like other cryptocurrencies, a trader can buy XYO coins from various cryptocurrency exchanges. Some renowned exchanges that support the token include Crypto.com, Coinbase, and KuCoin. However, before selecting the exchange to purchase the altcoin, it is important to compare various entities’ fees and ease of use.

Upon identifying the preferred crypto exchange, one can open a verified account. Subsequently, you can deposit funds, purchase XYO, and store it in your crypto wallet.

Is XYO a good investment?

XYO price has dropped close to its introductory price at its current level. Nonetheless, as aforementioned, cryptocurrencies are a highly volatile class of assets. As such, it is possible for a bullish catalyst to boost the altcoin to and past the all-time high of $0.0834 that it hit in November 2021. From this perspective, cryptocurrency can be an apt asset to include in one’s portfolio based on the trader’s risk appetite.

How to convert XYO

It is possible to convert the XYO stored in a crypto wallet into fiat currency or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. First, one needs to log in to a crypto exchange that supports the altcoin and select the ‘sell’ option. At this point, one can select the digital or fiat currency they need in exchange for the XYO coins.