Wondr Gaming Integrates Solana into Its Shopify Market

Wondr Gaming Corp has announced that Wondr can now mint NFTs on the Solana blockchain. This adds to the company’s operations on the Ethereum network as part of its partnership with the Shopify Blockchain ecosystem. The move essentially breaks the barriers that previously existed among the ecosystem’s partners due to blockchain incompatibility. Consequently, Wondr and its partners will be better equipped to scale up their NFT capabilities. Currently, the company has NFT-centric partnerships in music, sports, gaming, and retail.

Our multi-blockchain offering is a significant competitive advantage for Wondr Gaming.”

Jon Dwyer, Chairman & CEO of Wondr

The decision to integrate Solana aligns with Solana’s fast growth and its inherent benefits.
Over the past six months, Solana has emerged as a worthy competitor to Ethereum, thanks to its low transaction costs and faster transaction speeds. As a result, the number of projects on the blockchain has grown tremendously. Consequently, Wondr is giving NFT investors on Shopify an opportunity to maximize their returns while minimizing costs.
Commenting on the development, Jon Dwyer, Chairman & CEO of Wondr stated that the company will continue to enhance its NFT infrastructure and innovate better ways to serve their Shopify clientele. Additionally, he stated that the aim is to enable Shopify customers to increase their revenue via NFT.

On his part, Dr. Robert Palmer, Senior Vice President, Wondr Gaming, pointed out that multi-blockchain offering is an important growth segment for the company. He stated that ech blockchain offers unique benefits, ranging from reduced carbon footprints to lower minting costs, among other benefits. Therefore, going forward, Wondr Gaming intends to give its clients a wide array of options that come with different blockchains.

About Wondr Gaming

Wondr Gaming, a Canadian Securities Exchange listed company, specializes in providing NFT minting and commercialization services across music, arts, gaming, and sports. It is the first publicly-traded company whose business model is built on the fast-rising NFT market model. Essentially, the company helps its clients convert their valuable assets into high-value NFT assets. This enables the institutions, artists, sports teams, game developers and other creatives to optimize their earnings.
Wondr Gaming’s primary source of revenue is through NFT sales and brand partnerships. In addition, it markets its NFT portfolio to its various channels, generating more than 1 billion monthly views from over 24 million followers. The marketing segment creates another substantial revenue stream.