WiV Technology Secures $1.5M in Fresh Funding For its Blockchain Wine Platform

Since the market for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere at the moment, WiV Technology has decided to strike while the iron’s hot.

The blockchain-based trading platform for unique assets raised $1.5 million in new funding led by  RedCave Ventures and Daniel Maegaard. Other investors that took part in the funding round are SuperNatural, 1010 Capital, StableNode, and Tokenization.

The private token sale was carried out via a sale of $WIVA tokens.

WiV has the vision to build an ecosystem where it brings fine wines to DeFi through NFTs.

This unique business model is going to create lucrative investment opportunities. The firm is looking to hire professionals to work in its engineering, design, and operations teams. 

The WiV platform uses unique blockchain features, such as anti-counterfeit identity markers that assure users of their ownership. Thus, for every drop of wine squeezed from the physical vineyard, a digital, permanent twin is created.

This allows for more liquidity and faster sales at a lower transaction cost since every digital token has a physical twin. That’s why WiV has no issues authorizing retail and professional investors to buy and hold its NFTs, which represent digital certificates of ownership and authenticity – created by vineyards for bottles and cases of fine wine.

The founders are not some new kids on the block. On the contrary, they have decades of experience in tech startups, fine wine investments, and trading. WiV aims to become “the source for Wine collecting on the blockchain, and in all Metaverses.”

WiV CEO Tommy Jensen explained how proud the company was to have both RedCave Ventures and Daniel Maegaard as lead investors. 

“RedCave brings a wealth of experience in the crypto space representing a group of very successful tech entrepreneurs that clearly understands and have great beliefs in the Real-World Asset that we represent, Daniels track record speaks for itself, and he brings with him a massive dose of experience in both Blockchain and NFT. 

Combine this with his great passion for wine, it’s truly a perfect match. Both RedCave and Daniel are long-term investors who see the great value we will bring to the wine industry both with DeFi products and NFTs.” 

RedCave Ventures didn’t stay silent on such praises. Instead, they responded that they believe WIVA is one of the most innovative projects in the crypto space, and they can’t wait to see what the future holds for this revolutionary and cutting edge project.

Daniel Maegaard, the prominent crypto trader added: “The intersection of digital and physical is continuing to merge, and I believe WIVA is well-positioned to take advantage of this rapidly growing space. As a fellow wine enthusiast, it was an easy decision to back such a strong team and white paper as they look to disrupt the billion-dollar wine industry.”

This is only the beginning. Various wineries are already looking for ways to secure the provenance and authenticity of individual bottles. NFTs bring new ways of marketing and make it easier to trade on the global market. The WiV platform is not just about trading but also allows stakeholders to securely collect and store information about each unique asset’s provenance, trade, and transaction history.

WiV is already changing the face of the wine industry with their native currency called $WIVA. In addition, fine wine is being turned into NFTs accessible to everyone. 

WiV.io is a platform where anyone can buy, sell and borrow money against their wine, skipping the tedious bureaucratic processes. The dream is to create a borderless, all-around economy for Real-World Assets in a digital world.

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