Wink Coin Price Prediction: Win Battles Key Support as Markets Tumble

Wink is battling key support and the next few days could be critical for Wink coin price prediction. There is still no sign of a bullish reversal, as the price is yet to make a higher high. If the current accumulation phase ends with a bullish move upwards, Wink coin price might generate 3x returns in 2022.

Latest Wink News

Wink is currently an ecosystem of gaming Dapps and Wink Link Oracle network. Winklink coin makes real-world data available for Dapps. By leveraging the price feeds and other data from Oracle, a wide variety of Dapps becomes possible. Win is the official cryptocurrency for the Wink crypto ecosystem and has several use cases in its economy. As per the latest Wink coin news today, Wink is the 6th most actively used Dapp on the Tron network.

Before moving on to our Wink coin price prediction, let’s have a look at its network stats. There are currently only 253 daily active users in Wink Dapp. A total balance of $464.5 million dollars is locked on the Wink crypto platform. Dapp Radar also shows that the daily number of active users has significantly decreased over the years. Nevertheless, Wink token is still boasting a market cap of $276 million.

Wink Coin Price Prediction

At the time of writing, Win price is trading at $0.00029 which is 90% below its April 2021 all-time high. Wink price has been in a severe downtrend after hitting the local top of $0.00109 in November 2021. The price has tested the support of $0.00025 on multiple occasions and is still in hot waters. Wink Coin price needs to make a higher high than $0.00038 level to signal a bullish reversal.

In case of a bullish reversal, the first target for Wink crypto will be the $0.00057 region. If the price holds this level then $0.00078 seems to be a valid Wink coin price prediction. However, any breach of $0.00025 support could send the price in a long bearish accumulation. In such a bearish scenario, $0.0002 would be a key level to watch for Win price.

Wink Coin Price Technical Analysis

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