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Wemade Announces Plans to Release Baseball Game

Wemade, a developer of MMORPG games, has announced that it will soon release Round 1 Baseball, a blockchain-based baseball game created by Round 1 Studio. The game, currently in its final stages of production and tentatively titled R1B, aims to release internationally by the end of 2023. Wemade’s blockchain gaming platform, WEMIX PLAY, as well as Google Play Store and Apple App Store, will distribute the game globally to 170 countries.

What’s in RB1?

Wemade is assuring players that R1B will provide a unique baseball gaming experience with realistic characters, stunning visuals, and cutting-edge baseball engine. All these will enable them to explore the game’s depth while enjoying its user-friendly interface. As an added bonus, players can earn the “Money Ball” utility token as they progress through the game and stake it for the “R1” reward token. The “R1” tokens can be used for governance on both R1B and R1 metaverses.

In Korea, the most well-known baseball game is called “Magumagu” and its creators, Round 1 Studio, are behind RB 1 game. This is the first game in Round 1 metaverse, a blockchain-based sports metaverse where players are compensated with digital tokens. The game’s exciting management features enables users to purchase and manage a wide variety of players.

Partnerships and WEMIX 3.0

Wemade has been working on its next-generation Web3 platform, WEMIX 3.0. WEMIX, a Wemade subsidiary, is a blockchain-based game platform. The success of its plan to onboard the masses into the Web3 ecosystem reliaes heavily on the development and distribution of new games. In mid-December 2022, the company published Tier II accessories for MIR4, its first massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG).

Wemade has also been working to expand its blockchain ecosystem by partnering with a variety of projects and companies. In its most recent collaboration, it inked a deal with CertiK to coordinate its efforts in advertising and cyber security. The two firms are keeping their fingers crossed that this will make the WEMIX 3.0 environment safer and more useful.