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Web3 Game PetaRush Partners with NFT Project Phanta Bear

PetaRush, a popular Web3 game, has now announced that it will be teaming up with the NFT project Phanta Bear. This is the first game ever to feature simultaneous role interaction between different IPs. The two teams have collaborated to release 10,000 Phanta Bear NFTs, 3D-modeled after the original 2D Phanta Bear, into their platforms for use in the game. The new 3D Phanta Bear In-Game NFT is available to all Phanta Bear NFT owners.

PetaRush allows NFT holders to spend their NFTs in the game and take part in the new era of multi-IPs blockchain gaming. The PetaRush crew has successfully navigated three different hurdles in order to reach the end goal of this joint effort. First, they converted the 2D image of Phanta Bear into its 3D equivalent. Secondly, the original Phanta Bear doesn’t have any legs. Therefore, PetaRush and PHANTACi developed new leg models so that the characters can run faster. Finally, Phanta Bear NFT is now available on Ethereum, making it more widely available.

PetaRush and its Web3 gameplan

PetaRush is an NFT-themed racing game. It employs Cyberpunk aesthetics to depict the racers’ characters like ions, cats, pigeons, and foxes. The six pieces that make up a character are chosen at random, and they include the head, body, hands, feet, back, and accessories that are tied to unique skill combinations. Players square up in a variety of Martian environments, including the red planet’s sand fields, lakes, and volcanoes.

PetaRush plans to expand the breeding feature in the future so that NFTs from diverse IPs can produce new NFTs with increased rarity, enriching the Web3 gaming community. Whitelist minting of Peta, the in-game NFT used by PetaRush, will begin in the month of October. Whitelist details are on PetaRush’s Discord channel for players to access. Not only that, but the PetaRush game’s closed beta test will launch in November. It will usher in a new era of Win to Earn gaming, where players can use NFT characters in in-game races.