Vorto Gaming Inks Deal With Gold Town Games To Offer Blockchain Gaming

Blockchain gaming company Vorto Gaming has partnered with Gold Town Games, onboarding the game developer onto the Vorto Network to incorporate NFTs and in-game trading functionality with existing and future game titles.

Upcoming Sports Manager Game Will Feature NFTs & Trading Platform

Recent statistics point out that the global gaming market is expected to cross the $200 billion mark in 2023. Gold Town Games (GTG), a mobile-first game development company, has partnered with Vorto Gaming, a blockchain gaming company, to gain a larger share of this lucrative market. 

Per the in-principle agreement, GTG’s development platform, W3XM, will use Vorto Network, Vorto Gaming’s blockchain infrastructure, to integrate NFTs and an accompanying trading platform. The tie-up will allow players to buy, hold, sell, and trade their NFTs for all of GTG’s existing and upcoming game titles through Vorto’s platform and wallet solution. 

Gold Town Games is a leader in the sports manager genre, with successful game titles such as World Hockey Manager and World Football Manager, developed and operated by its gaming platform, W3XM. With this partnership, Gold Town Games can enhance the gaming experience for its players, and Vorta Gaming can leverage GTG’s massive community to reach out to a broader audience.

“We know that we have a strong offer with our gaming platform W3XM, but it is of course very exciting to partner with Vorto Gaming at an early stage.”

Gold Town Games CEO Pär Hultgren notes

Vorto Gaming’s Vorto Network serves as the “eBay” for gamers and games connected to the network. It offers players a wallet to store their in-game assets and digital collectables. The platform also allows players to buy, sell, and trade NFTs without dealing with complex processes. 

“We are super excited to see what the partnership with Gold Town Games can produce. They’re an extremely experienced and talented studio who have large amounts of potential that we hope to realise and release using the technology provided through Vorto Gaming. Sports games play a fundamental role in the gaming landscape and have a cult following across the globe. Our team knows these players better than anyone and whilst blockchain gaming continues to be a bone of contention amongst some in the gaming community, we’re confident that we can help enhance the gaming experience and make it more fruitful for the end consumer.”

CEO of Vorto Gaming, Kris Vaivods

The Burgeoning Sports And Gaming NFT Marketplace

While Crypto gaming has been around for a while, the new and rising trend of NFT gaming is focused on enabling players to generate and collect unique NFTs that can be used within the game or traded later. 

Between 2020 and 2021, people have spent millions buying and trading digital collectables of sports and games. For example, a trading card featuring Cristiano Ronaldo recently sold for $290,000, underscoring this point. Similarly, digital collectables of NBA highlights have raked in more than $200 million by the first quarter of 2021.

“I have followed the development of NFT-based games with great curiosity and we’re confident that a platform for manager games such as W3XM has all the prerequisites to take games with NFT functionality to the next level. Our vision is to be a global leader in sport manager games for mobile platforms.”

Gold Town Games’ Product Manager, Lars Alin

The partnership between Vorto Gaming and Gold Town Games brings together brilliant teams with extensive experience in gaming and blockchain, guaranteeing an enhanced experience in the upcoming sports manager game.

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