Vethor Token Price Prediction: Why VTHO is Struggling in the Markets

Vethor Token price has struggled in the last few days, dropping by more than 30 per cent. However, the last two trading sessions have seen a back to back price gain of the token. This may be indicative of the gaining momentum of the token. There is also a high chance of a trend reversal for the cryptocurrency.

Although today’s trading session is showing signs of a continuation of a bullish move, the token is still struggling with usage and people and trading volume. In the last 24 hours, the token has lost over 13 per cent of its trading volume, bringing the total volume traded to around $10 million. This may be a sign of struggle that can slow down the recovery of the coin.

Vethor Token Price Prediction

Since the Vethor Token price rose by 39 per cent on March 30th and retested the $0.064 support level the next day, the crypto has dropped by almost 30 per cent. Today, the prices look poised to close above the opening price, making it the second consecutive day that Vethor Token has gained in the markets.

Looking at the daily chart below, we can see that the Williams Alligator indicator is still bullish. This is despite the recent 30 per cent fall in the price of the token. However, we can also see the prices failing to hit the 2022 all-time highs of $0.007 instead of returning to the current prices of $0.0045.

Using the chart, it is highly likely that the current drop in price is a retracement or price correction. This comes after a surge in prices or a huge drop in prices. Therefore, I expect the last two days to be indicative of where the trend is going. My Vethor Token price prediction also expects the prices to continue trading bullishly. There is also a high likelihood of the prices hitting the recent highs of $0.0064. It is also possible that the prices will also hit the $0.007 resistance level.

Vethor Daily Chart