TRON Announces Strategic Partnership With Wintermute

TRON and Wintermute have announced a strategic partnership. As per the terms of the partnership, Wintermute will serve as the official market maker for TRX and a strategic partner of the TRON ecosystem. The collective’s goal is to help establish TRON as the preferred global L1 blockchain. One of Wintermute’s functions is to increase the token’s availability by increasing the trading volume of main TRX pairings on many platforms.

What the partnership brings to Tron

TRON’s collaboration with Wintermute is an expansion of its previous efforts to team up with other innovative DeFi initiatives. In addition to strategic advice, Wintermute will offer strategic counsel for enhancing the TRON environment. This will give the network’s investors better exposure to digital assets.

This month, Wintermute joined the TRON DAO Reserve as the newest whitelisted member with privileges to manufacture and redeem USDD, the over-collateralized decentralized stablecoin supported by the TRON network. As a prominent worldwide market maker, Wintermute facilitates trading in digital assets and has supported a wide range of high-profile initiatives.

By increasing liquidity on key exchanges, Wintermute is cutting obstacles for retail traders and minimizing trading disruptions and slippage. It has more than 109 million users on the blockchain as of August 2022. Additionally, TRONSCAN reports that there have been more than 3.7 billion transactions with a total value locked (TVL) of more than $13.2 billion. These statistics put the platform among the best-performing platforms in the world. 

Furthermore, since April 2021, TRON has hosted more USD Tether (USDT) stablecoin than Ethereum did, making it the host of the largest circulating supply of USDT in the world. Wintermute will facilitate market creation for TRX, TRON’s native utility token, by, among other things, expanding TRX’s availability on both traditional and alternative exchanges, increasing TRX’s liquidity in all market circumstances, and promoting more competitive spreads.