Timechain to Drop Crypto Cup NFTs

Regulated financial app and DEX aggregator, Timechain has announced the launch of its NFTs dubbed Crypto Cups. The NFTs will give their owners the opportunity to enjoy unique benefits on the Timechain app users. The Crypto Cups will be available on Ethereum initially, with subsequent launches on Polygon, Fantom, Terra and Solana.

Crypto Cups has an exciting background story intertwined with a conspiracy theory. They were created by accident when one of the scientists working on the Timechain app spilt coffee on his computer. That resulted in s bright flash of light, which turned out to be a work of art. However, there are conspiracy theorists and skeptics. They opine that Crypto Cups resulted from a secret experiment by a lab technician who attempted to use Timechain scientists as guinea pigs for a psychedelic drug. Therefore,  Timechain intends to leverage the enticing background story to attract users.

CEO of Timechain,   Louis Cleroux, described the NFTs as a “unique collection, designed for TimechainApp users”.

The Crypto Cups found us, and now it’s our duty to them to let them see the light on Ethereum and Fantom.”

CEO of Timechain,  Louis Cleroux


The NFT drop will feature 10,000 Crypto Cups. Each piece will have six visible traits and a seventh trait that will be unique. Moreover, the seventh trait will determine the level of rarity. The NFTs will be in five categories, namely common, rare, epic, legendary, and unique.

 If you hold at least three NFTs on Ethereum, you will also earn a bonus NFT on Fantom. Furthermore, you could get Crypto Cup serum, potentially related with the scientist responsible for the Crypto Cup. 

Holders of Crypto Cups will also get the chance to stake their NFTs and earn TSC tokens. Additionally, they will receive a boost of 1% on their earnings rates for assets held on the Timechain app worth $10,000 or more. The rarer NFTs will qualify holders for more earnings on their assets.

About Timechain

Timechain is a crypto-centric platform where users can earn passive income on their crypto assets. It is based in Montreal, Canada and is a regulated financial firm. It is a multi-chain DEX aggregator that operates on Automated Market Maker (AMM) liquidity protocol. Timechain is currently on Fantom and Ethereum, and will soon be available on other blockchains. The TSC token is the utility token on Timechain.