Tezos to Power Art Basel Miami Beach Exhibition NFT Show

At this year’s Art Basel Miami Beach, the exhibition Performance in Code: Deciphering Value in Generative Art will feature a prominent display of Tezos blockchain NFTs in partnership with the generative art platform fxhash and Serpentine Arts Technologies. This exhibition will investigate how mathematical probability affects the rarity and value of generative artworks.

What to expect from the NFT world at the exhibition

From December 1–3, 2022, visitors to the Miami Convention Center can witness the exhibition Performance in Code: Deciphering Value in Generative Art, powered by Tezos. This year, visitors will be able to watch the live gallery space transform in real-time as people mint art pieces. They will only need to scan a QR code and instantly claim their NFT.

Also, attendees will participate in a collaborative art experience as the event lifts the veil on the process of creating generative art and reveals the rarity value of each NFT. There will also be a conversation series including notable artists from the Tezos ecosystem. The forum will look at the intersection of generative art algorithms and blockchain technology.

Thirteen other artists will also have work on display at the event, complementing the live gallery experience. The live minting experience of the installation, in which visitors scan a QR code to begin the process of producing a brand-new, unique artwork created autonomously by the artists’ code, will be courtesy of the partnership with fxhash.

Once the rendering is complete, the NFT is created, and the artwork is displayed on the installation’s screen. The visitor then receives a reward in their wallet instantly. Attendees will observe the NFT’s rarity value, displayed as a percentage, fluctuate over the length of the exhibition. Tezos is the host of several important NFT platforms, including fxhash, objkt.com, and Teia.art. Its low transaction costs, high speed and energy efficiency, are incentives to many artists.