Tamadoge Price Prediction: Is TAMA the Next Big Thing?

The memecoin economy may be doing badly this year, but new projects are still coming being developed. The latest one is the Tamadoge, which came into existence less than two months ago. However, the crypto is already making waves and gaining traction with users. 

Unlike other memecoin projects, which have come into the market with no utility, Tamadoge has positioned itself as the memecoin for the NFT industry. The project has become the first meme currency that features an NFT store, metaverse and P2E crypto game setup and has complete usability. 

Like most other memecoins, Tamadoge (TAMA) token is an ERC-20 project, allowing it to leverage one of the largest blockchains in the industry. 

Tamadoge Price Prediction

Despite gaining traction and exciting cryptocurrency enthusiasts, Tamadoge is yet to hit the market and get traded in open exchanges. However, people are already buying the crypto on presales. According to the latest reports, Tamadoge has already sold TAMA tokens worth over $8 million, with further presales expected in the coming weeks. 

The traction of Tamadoge and the presale data has led many to speculate that it might pose a real threat to other meme coin projects such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. However, part of the reason many expect Tamadoge to perform is due to its usability in the NFT industry, which means holders will always have a chance to use it in real life. 

However, despite all the hype, the presales and the projected profits for its early investors, the project is not yet available in almost all exchanges. Therefore, the data on the price of presale tokens is also not publicly available. Traders looking to buy into the project will have to wait until its launch. However, my Tamadoge price performance after it is launched expects it to be bullish. The traction behind it and the NFT industry enthusiasts and investors will have a project they can get behind, which is likely to see the project rising.