Sweat Crypto Price Prediction: How Much is it Really Worth

Sweat crypto hit 100 million users last month. The crypto also awarded its users over $15 million. Today, it continues to be among the most active cryptocurrency community in the world. However, despite such big milestones, the platform is yet to launch. Potential traders can also not transact using the crypto.

What is interesting is that Sweatcoin users are not deterred by the fact that their cryptocurrencies are not worried about the launch of the crypto. For most people, the idea of Sweatcoin is enough to get them to support the project. 

Most Sweatcoin supporters view it as a health and fitness app that comes with the benefit of getting paid as you work out. Though new in the cryptocurrency world, the idea is not new in other industries. For instance, in the gaming industry, the play-to-earn business model has existed for years, allowing users to do what they love while still getting compensated for their time and engagement. 

Sweatcoin, which is a move-to-earn platform, also works in the same format. Users of the platform have to engage in physical activities such as running or jogging. In Exchange, the application is able to keep track of the physical activity and exercise routine and award its users with Sweat tokens. These tokens can then be exchanged with gifts. 

Sweat Crytpo Price Prediction

Unfortunately, Sweat Crypto is not listed on any trading platform. Therefore, there is no way of getting the real number of what it is worth today. However, we know that today, there are over a hundred million people who hold the crypto. We also know that, with such a huge supply, its prices will be less than a cent if launched today.  

However, if we are talking about today’s Sweatcoin price, the crypto remains worthless. So until it is officially launched, traders should be careful of scammers promising monetary gifts in exchange for your Sweat tokens.