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Supra Introduces HyperNova, a Revolutionary Bridgeless Tech for Blockchain Interoperability

Supra, a blockchain organisation that provides Oracle and Verifiable Random Function (VRF), has introduced HyperNova, an innovative bridgeless technology that enables direct cross-chain communication through L1 consensus. This ground-breaking new approach eliminates the need for a central link between blockchains, allowing them to communicate with one another.

Supra says its commitment to improving Web3 performance and security is driven by the company’s adoption of an academic approach to product development. The organization takes every new design and product through a stringent peer-review process, with a strong emphasis on transparency.

The elimination of centralised bridges—a potential single point of failure and security hole in Web3—makes HyperNova a significant advancement for the blockchain industry. HyperNova’s bridgeless technology uses L1 to L1 cryptographic consensus to make blockchain links more safe, dependable, and scalable.

To decipher the cryptographic fingerprints of communicating chains, HyperNova’s bridgeless technology employs Moonshot Consensus, a revolutionary, low-latency consensus method developed by Supra.

The benefits and application of HyperNova Technology

Compared to conventional, centralised bridges, Supra’s HyperNova has several unique benefits, including:

  • Better security: HyperNova improves security by doing away with the requirement for a central bridge, which can provide a single point of failure. Instead, Supra delivers L1 to L1 security guarantees by directly verifying the source and destination chain cryptographic signatures.
  • Improved scalability:  HyperNova has improved the scalability of bridgeless technology in several ways. This is because Supra is an IntraLayer with high throughput and can process multiple cross-chain consensus requests in parallel.
  • Enhanced capabilities: The HyperNova multi-chain solution from Supra offers improved functionality by enabling new cross-chain use cases are that would be impossible with a bilateral (one-to-one) approach.

Bridgeless tech can be used for a variety of use cases, including:

  • Support for Cross-chain DeFi: To facilitate asset transfers and interactions with DeFi applications across blockchains, HyperNova can be utilised to provide cross-chain DeFi.
  • Cross-chain gaming: Bridgeless technology can be utilised to offer cross-chain gaming, a feature that enables users to move virtual assets or NFTs across games built on the same blockchain.
  • Cross-chain oracles: HyperNova can enable cross-chain oracles, which supply trusted data feeds to DeFi applications in a variety of ecosystems in a secure and reliable manner.