Strong currency pairs in 2021

The world of trading is often a complex one that requires attention to detail and close observation. Advantage traders have when trading in their domestic currency is familiarity with both the currency and the businesses in question, reducing some of the time needed to learn the market. When traders venture into other markets, however, even this slim lead disappears. Foreign exchange, for example, requires investors to master foreign currencies to make successful trades. Moreover, this knowledge requires constant upkeep, too, because currencies often rise and fall in value. 

The most helpful information to new and experienced forex traders alike is learning about currency pairs and their long-term and short-term performance. 

What is “forex” trading? 

Forex is a combination of the words “exchange” and “foreign currency”. The word refers to trading that requires investors to exchange one currency for another. This approach to trading is perpetually underrated, with relatively little discussion in the public sphere despite daily trading volume reaching $6.6trn for forex trades in April of 2019. The global marketplace for national currency exchange offers the opportunity for significant successes and equally dramatic losses, in other words, with “exchange pairs” – a pair of exchange rate currency partners – often the determining factor between highs and lows. 

There are a few standard forex terms to keep in mind. First, the bid price for currency pairs is defined as the highest price buyers are willing to spend to acquire the currency. Second, on the other hand, the asking price is the lowest price sellers will accept for the currency. The difference between the two is known as the “bid-ask spread”. 

Which currency did pairs perform strongly in 2021?

USD is a familiar currency favourite, particularly for beginners. Moreover, it pairs well with various currencies, such as top currencies from China, the United Kingdom and Japan. As a result, the fiat currency continued prominently in the forex market in 2021, with a few different combinations proving highly tradeable. 


One of the most commonly traded pairs worldwide, exchanging from USD to EUR and vice versa, tops the list. However, it is important to note that this pair is particularly heavily impacted by politics individually and their cross. Therefore, it is worth keeping an eye on news coming out of the European Union and the United States if trading with this pair. 

USD and JPY                                                        

The Japanese yen (JPY) is a stable but relatively low-value currency generally considered a “reserve currency” behind EUR and USD. The government regularly interferes with the market to keep its value low, and the currency experiences multiple fluctuations throughout the day. This provides an excellent opportunity to make an impressive profit assuming that traders can buy and sell correctly. While this might seem like an obvious statement, JPY is a perfect currency to pair with the USD because it always returns to the same general value as the government buys and sells. 


The British pound sterling serves as the official currency of the UK and is used throughout Scotland, Wales and England. This currency is the third most traded globally, second only to the USD and the EUR. In 2016, Brexit caused the GBP to fall 20% over a few months; however, the currency has recovered chiefly to a stable amount. This makes it a relatively comfortable pair for USD as the values for both currencies remain much the same over time, excluding any significant developments in either country, such as the Brexit as mentioned above or the 2020 US presidential election. 


As one of the most critical and consistent trading partners of the US, the Canadian CAD is an obvious choice for a stable currency pair in forex trading. One of the most important factors to note before exchanging USD for CAD is the price of oil, which heavily impacts Canada’s economy. It is also helpful to pay attention to other significant commodity prices in Canada as the currency generally correlates with them. 

Picking the right forex broker

Before traders wade into the market, it is crucial to select one of the safest brokers possible. This can be quickly done with the help of reliable review providers such as ForexFraud, a company dedicated to enabling investors to make informed choices for safe forex platforms. 

Forex trading might seem complicated at first glance, but dedication and regular research can help make the process smoother.