Speed Launches Payment Links for Fast Payments Processing

Speed, a Bitcoin and stablecoin payment processor, has launched “payment links” for various online payment methods. The links can work on several platforms, including e-commerce platforms, donation platforms, crowdfunding sites, ticketing sites and more. Also, these links can be used for a wide variety of transactions. For instance, you can use them on crowdfunding campaigns, ticket sales, the sale of courses, the payment of recurring fees, the submission of charity donations, and so on. Rather than having to direct clients to a website or app, these links make it simple to collect several payments from them in a single step.

The Speed platform makes it simple for any type of business or group to set up secure payment links. It utilizes the Lightning Network, which makes accepting Bitcoin payments in both new and existing apps quick and easy. Also, Speed makes it simple to integrate payments using its web apps, open APIs for developers, and software development kits (SDKs). Speed’s introduction of payment connections makes it possible for firms of any size to accept online payments, regardless of whether they have a dedicated IT department or staff. Web apps make it simple for these businesses to create payment links, monitor their status, collect payments, and so on.

Developers can save time and effort by using payment-link APIs, webhooks, and SDKs while making software products and applications. Speed’s newly released APIs come fully featured and ready to use. Creating payment links requires no coding on the part of the developers, just some simple configurations.

Additionally, users may preserve the brand style of their business by generating unique payment links with no coding required. Speed aspires to let companies create customized names and determine the duration of payment links. Furthermore, by creating payment sites in multiple languages, businesses who use the links can collect payments from customers in more than 100 different nations and languages.