Sneaky Vampire Syndicate Releases Female Vampire NFT Collectibles

Sneaky Vampire Syndicate (SVS) has announced the release of its female vampire NFT collection. The release follows a whitelisted presale schedule for Gen 1 male vampires holders. The presale will commence at PM ET on February 21ST and close on February 22nd at 3 PM ET. The Gen 1 NFTs consist of 8,888 male vampires, while Gen 2 will consist of 12,345 female vampires, known as Sneaky Vampiresses.

 As per the developer, Gen 1 NFT holders will benefit by being automatically included in the Gen 2 presale whitelist. That means that 8,888 spots are already reserved. The remaining 3,457 spots will go to female-led communities, as well as a public mint. Alternatively, those without Gen 1 NFTs can buy them to prequalify for the whitelist. The public mint will run from February 22nd at 4 PM ET to February 28th, after which buyers will see the vampiresses they will have minted.

SVS has enjoyed massive success since the release of its Gen 1 NFTs consisting of male vampires in September 2021. The game has generated more than 21,600 ETH in sales, and the games’ developers are building on that success to release more collectibles. Additionally, releasing female vampires is a way of bringing inclusivity to the game’s metaverse space. Furthermore, as part of the new release, the developers have brought in eight under-recognized female artists to release eight 1 of 1  Sneaky Vampiress NFTs.

Commenting on the forthcoming release, Thomas Kekker, the Project Lead at SVS, stated that the successful first release motivated the second release. “We believe the release of the Vampiresses will continue the growth of our ecosystem in the right direction,” he added.

A game with a breeding mechanism

Notably, the introduction of female vampires to SVS facilitates “Blood Pact” breeding mechanism between the female and male vampires. That will enable players with both male and female vampires to breed them in the future.

 The $BLOOD token will power breeding, and the vampires that arise from each male vampire will be its “perfect pair”. Additionally, players can earn three tokens daily by staking the $BLOOD token. Also, holders of the $BLOOD token qualify for up to a 50% discount on their purchases of Sneaky Vampiress NFTs. For instance, with the base price at 0.16 ETH, if you have 100 $BLOOD tokens, your base price reduces to 0.12 ETH. That reduces further to 0.08 ETH for players with 200 $BLOOD tokens.

About Sneaky Vampire Syndicate

Sneaky Vampire Syndicate is an NFT project developed by former Bored Ape Yacht Club artist Mig. The artist has teamed up with Superand to release the first installment of male vampire NFT collectibles in September 2021. Each of the NFTs on SVS is hand-drawn and has unique characteristics and expressions. SVS boasts of an active user community, which continually provides the motivation for the game’s development.