Siacoin Price Prediction: Can it generate 4x in 2022?


Our Siacoin price prediction for 2022 indicates that the price could go 4 times higher from current levels. This would only be possible if Siacoin avoids lower lows. Currently, the Siacoin price is trading at $0.00895 while holding on to the key support of $0.007. A bounce from current levels would also indicate a potential double bottom for SC crypto price.

Siacoin Latest News Today

According to Siacoin latest news, a total of 7.9 PB of storage space is currently available on the network. Out of this only 2,391 TB is in use and the rest is available for its network participants. Any Siacoin price prediction depends on the adoption of its network in the future.

Siacoin crypto is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies which launched in March 2015. Sia network lets the users rent out their spare storage space. In this way, it provides a decentralized storage network which is also quite redundant. Several other projects like Filecoin, Areweave, and Coldstacks are also trying to provide similar solutions. However, the adoption of these projects is still very low as compared to their eye-popping market caps.

At present, 641 Storage providers are active on the Sia Network as per the Siacoin website. It also shows that the Sia-UI has been downloaded more than 1.2 million times till now. The website also shows the details of how Siacoin works.

Siacoin Price Prediction

Siacoin is currently the 158th biggest cryptocurrency by market cap. If you’re wondering how to buy Siacoin then it’s already trading on major exchanges with the ticker symbol SC. At the time of writing, SC price is trading at $0.00897 and it is 90% down from its 2018 ATH of $0.0928. If Siacoin price holds the support of $0.007 and bounces then bulls may hope for higher price targets by year-end.

Any higher high than $0.012 might signal a potential bottom in SC crypto price. In such a scenario $0.04 seems to be a valid Siacoin price prediction for 2022. This level comes into play by connecting April 2021 highs to February 2022 lows. However, a breach of the $0.007 level could throw this prediction straight out of the window.

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