Pi Coin Price Prediction: Will Pi Ever Be Worth Money?

Pi Network is a mysterious blockchain project that has lured millions of people to its ecosystem with a promise of high returns. Moreover, it helps to solve one of the biggest challenges that exist in the blockchain industry in that mining is highly technical and expensive. In this Pi Coin price prediction, we will examine the concept behind the network and whether it makes sense.

What is the Pi Network?

The Pi Network is a software project that seeks to democratise the concept of cryptocurrency mining. The challenge for most cryptocurrencies is that mining them is extremely expensive. It also requires some expertise in computers. Therefore, Pi Network hopes to become a cryptocurrency that anyone can mine using their smartphones.

Indeed, since it was started in 2019, the Pi Network has gained a lot of traction among users. It has millions of users worldwide and relatively strong ratings in both Google PlayStore and iOS AppStore. Further, thousands of people are creating an account on a daily basis. They hope to convert their Pi tokens into cash when the coin gets listed in major exchanges.

Pi Coin price prediction

It is impossible to come up with a food Pi Coin price prediction since the token is not provided in any exchanges. In the past three years, the developers have been hinting that this listing will happen in the coming months, although that has not happened yet. Therefore, it is still not clear when this listing will happen.

To a large extent, I believe that the Pi Coin is a scam considering that people are able to earn coins that they cannot use to do anything. This differs from a product like Brave Browser, where people earn the Basic Attention Token (BAT) for viewing ads and using the browser. It is also different from SweatCoin, an upcoming crypto similar to GMT.