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Pi Coin Price Prediction: Is the Launch of Pi Coin Near?

One of the most anticipated cryptocurrency launches is the Pi Coin. The cryptocurrency already has over 33 million users, who are called pioneers. These people have taken part in mining the cryptocurrency in the past.

Understanding Pi Coin

Since its launch in 2019 on March 14, Pi Coin has allowed users to mine it. Users can use their mobile phones through the Pi mobile wallets accessible using the pi browser. Today, there are more than 29 million active users. The platform also boasts of having over 33 million registered users.

One of the reasons the project has become very popular is its use of the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP). The protocol allows transaction validation on a distributed ledger to be executed by order, making Pi Coin scalable and fast.

Although you still cannot be able to buy Pi Coin on any of the exchanges, the cryptocurrency is expected to be launched later this year. After the launch, it will become easy for its more than 33 million holders to trade using the token. It will also make it easier for them to convert the token into other cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, the date of the launch of the project is still unknown.

Pi Coin Price Prediction

Unfortunately, the project is yet to be launched. The project prices are also not available since the cryptocurrency cannot be bought as a presale. The only way to get access to the Pi Coin tokens is through mining. This makes it harder for investors who prefer buying pre-mined cryptocurrencies from getting their hands on the token.

Unless you are in contact with a person who owns the cryptocurrency, it is very difficult to trade it. Fortunately, the launch may be in the second half of this year. When it is launched, Pi Coin will likely trade below $0.01. This is because there are many coins already in circulation, making it harder for prices to go very high.