OpenOcean Integrates Fantom, Atlantic Update to Provide Optimal Trading Prices

Partnerships are an essential aspect of building a sustainable future for cryptocurrency. OpenOcean is the first centralized and decentralized exchange aggregator to partner with the Fantom network. Through this collaboration, OpenOcean users will benefit from more trading opportunities at the best prices. 

A Crucial Step For OpenOcean

Aggregating the data, liquidity, and trading pairs from centralized and decentralized trading platforms under one banner creates a more accessible trading approach. Users no longer have to figure out where to find the best opportunity and sign in to that particular ecosystem. 

Instead, OpenOcean ensures users can access everything through a convenient solution. Moreover, the platform supports ten networks to date, spanning several dozen DEXes and CEXes. Aggregating this data has given rise to over 300,00 unique addresses trading on the platform since September 2020.

All of these statistics are impressive, but there is always room for improvement. After integrating Avalanche into its service in August, OpenOcean now focuses its attention on the Fantom network. Fantom is home to several DEXes, including SpiritSwap, SushISwap, Curve, and SpookySwap. 

The trading pairs supported by these platforms are now accessible under the OpenOceam banner. Moreover, the OpenOcean community – through a voting process – confirmed their interest in Fantom-based assets. 

OpenOcean co-founder Cindy explains the decisions as follows:

 “Fantom is an exciting scalable blockchain platform, which has already given birth to some of the most popular DEXes out there. For that reason, aggregating OpenOcean and Fantom was a necessary step to make. We thank our community for bringing us here and look forward to providing even more trade options at the best prices.”

The Fantom ecosystem has welcomed traders and developers from all over the world. Fantom-based assets have proven to be of great interest to those trading and speculating on their value. Moreover, the open-source smart contract platform is a go-to choice for developers thanks to low costs, high transaction speeds, and a high degree of decentralization. Developers building modular Apps may want to take a closer look at what Fantom brings to the table.

Atlantic Upgrade This October

As the OpenOcean team is integrating Fantom, they will also roll out a new version of the core protocol. Dubbed “Atlantic,” the upgrade will roll out in multiple stages. Users on Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, Avalanche, and Polygon will gain access to it first. Those who prefer using Ethereum or Arbitrum will have to wait longer to benefit from these changes. 

Atlantic is about more than integrating Fantom, however. The protocol will also optimize trading to give users the optimal final returns by considering the price, transaction cost, slippage, and the optimal trading route. It is a welcome change for individual and institutional traders alike. The Atlantic upgrade is expected to go live in October 2021.