ONBUFF, the IP-Centric Blockchain Announces NFT Sale

ONBUFF, an IP-centric platform, has announced the launch of the sale of its Ragnarok non-fungible token (NFT), as well as a forthcoming auction for limited-edition NFTs. On September 14th, the company will also launch a new NFT marketplace at INNO Platform, which is a blockchain content platform for P2E gaming users and NFT fans. The NFT market on ONBUFF is a single platform where users may buy, sell, and trade NFTs as well as manage their game currencies, tokens, and wallets.

ONBUFF NFT market and the relevance to the platform’s growth

Users can pre-order and place bids on the original NFT from ONBUFF with a variety of features at the upcoming INNO original NFT auction. Furthermore, INNO Platform users can look forward to an NFT airdrop event. Users who spend time on the INNO Platform and ONBUFF will have a better chance of winning some free NFT during the airdrop. When INNO Platform releases a new game, it will be linked to the NFTs.

In comparison to other NFT markets, ONBUFF stands out due to its many special features. These include low gas prices and a high-speed connection via Polygon Network, as well as exclusive sales of play-to-earn (P2E) games NFT utilizing Ragnarok IP. Furthermore, in celebration of the new marketplace, the project will charge no service fees.

Using blockchain technology, ONBUFF helps monetise a wide range of international IPs. By integrating IPs with the latest blockchain technology, the project hopes to broaden the IP market beyond its current, more static confines and into a more dynamic, user-driven space. The ONBUFF project used Ragnarok’s intellectual property (IP) for the first time on web3 in April, when they collaborated with the Gravity Game Link team to release their first P2E game, Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT. More than a million people signed up ahead of time to play this game.