OKX to Be A Support Partner of Abu Dhabi Finance Week

Earlier today, OKX exchange announced that it will be participating in Abu Dhabi Finance Week as a Support Partner. Beginning on November 14 and running through November 18, the Abu Dhabi Global Market will play host to the event (ADGM). The Abu Dhabi Finance Week is widely regarded as one of the most important financial conferences held anywhere in the world. Global business bigwigs, financial institutions, investors, and government officials all convene here.

OKX and the Abu Dhabi Finance Week

OKX’s participation in the event comes at a time when the world is at economic crossroads. The global economy has been sending signals of a recession and the crypto industry has been on the receiving end of the reverberations within the mainstream financial sector.  Furthermore, the tech industry has had one of its worst years. Therefore, the Abu Dhabi Finance Week will certainly provide a great platform to put the global economy up for discussion, with the crypto sector well-represented.

This year’s discussions will focus on fintech concerns like the role of regulators in responding to innovation and the connection between finance and technology. The impact of the metaverse on fintech firms and the use of AI in this industry will also be covered. OKX’s Chief Marketing Officer, Haider Rafique, and McLaren Racing’s CEO, Zak Brown, will be on a panel together at the event.

Haider Rafique, Chief Marketing Officer, OKX, said: “The United Arab Emirates is a world leader in nurturing and harnessing the enormous economic power that fintech provides. They have been excellent partners in our mission to build an innovative and responsible cryptocurrency exchange.”

OKX plans to continue sponsoring and participating in major fintech gatherings and events across the world as part of its effort to create the most beloved crypto brand in the world. The company has expanded its offerings beyond its eponymous exchange by introducing the OKX Wallet, a digital wallet for buying, selling and storing NFTs, metaverse tokens, and games like GameFi and DeFi.