Nitro League To Launch Its Garage In Another Step To Nitroverse

Car racing P2E game, Nitro League, has announced that it will introduce its Metaverse Garage on April 2nd, 2022, at 1 PM UTC. The Garage experience will introduce fun and immersive concepts to the game’s space. Additionally, the launch will coincide with a special Twitch stream event with some of Nitro League’s leading strategic partners. 

The Nitro League development team will host the event, with partners in attendance including YGG SEA, Polinate,Terra Virtua, Kaisaya (event moderator)and Polygen. Nitro League CEO Zaynab Tucker will give a keynote talk on the future of Nitroverse, Nitro League’s Metaverse.

One of the most exciting features with the Garage launch is the Car Pod. Henceforth, players will be able to upgrade car performance by loading their favourite cards in the Car Pod. Other features to look forward to include:

  • Consecutive login rewards overview
  • Loot Box access (1 of 3 options to choose from)
  • News & Events screen with in-built advertisement support in the app.
  • Leaderboard for following live races
  • Inventory screen for showcasing personal assets.
  • Robot Avatar Hut (featuring Terra Virtua’s V-Flect robots)
  • The ability to upgrade Garage furniture, screens, worktable, and robot pod
  • First-person walk-around mode to view items and objects, take and share pictures

Notably, the Garage launch aligns with the game’s mission of developing a comprehensive Nitroverse, complete with an exciting racing package. For gaming enthusiasts, these features will bring a whole new experience to the Nitroverse. Players will be able to customize their gaming experience and also be able to utilize items acquired from the TerraVirtua marketplace.

About Nitro League

Billed as the next big thing in mobile platform racing, Nitro League is a decentralized P2E Metaverse game. It is the product of an experienced team of gaming enthusiasts who have developed apps that have been downloaded a combined 500+ million times. The game focuses on cutting-edge graphics, an in-game economy and breathtaking entertainment.