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Niftables Launches NFT Platform Optimized For Creators and Brands

In order to provide brands and creators with the quickest route from vision to their own private label NFT platforms, Niftables, the NFT platform, has introduced the world’s first all-in-one NFT technology. This It is part of Niftables’ mission to bring NFTs to a large audience. Its new infrastructure removes the hurdles to their creation, development, minting, and distribution. A full-service NFT platform for content providers, brands, and users alike is the ultimate goal.

The Niftables metamarket serves as the foundation for the new initiative. The metamarket provides cutting-edge, tailor-made technology, complete automation of NFT utilities. Also, it incorporates seamless front-end and back-end integration into an NFT network. Consolidating all the current and cutting-edge NFT features into a single user-friendly platform is Niftables’ primary goal. Additionally, it features 3D galleries that are compatible with VR and AR, allowing users to connect to the metaverse digitally.

With this infrastructure, NFTs may now be sold directly to consumers in a market that recognizes and appreciates their value. Niftables recently won the “Mass Adoption Award” at the AIBC Summit in Dubai in March 2022, making it the first company to earn this award. In light of the fact that Niftables was competing against Meta and The Sandbox, this was a strong endorsement.

There are a number of advantages of using Niftables as a metamarket for NFT investments and interaction. There is a wide range of options for distributing your NFTs to the public, from automated subscription services to packs to drops to auctions to quick buys.

Niftables Co-founder Jordan Aitali stated, “A one-stop-shop doesn’t mean one-size-fits-all. That’s why Niftables is built to let creators and brands fully customize their white-label NFT platforms from the get-go.

What’s for the future?

A cross-chain, fiat-ready, gasless marketplace is in the works with Niftables thanks to its advanced infrastructure. White-label platforms for developers, enables NFT dealers and holders to buy, trade, sell, swap, and redeem their NFTs. Alternatively, they can perform all of these tasks via the Niftables marketplace.

With the integration of OpenSea and Rarible, the leading NFT marketplaces, Niftables will enable further secondary sales of NFTs. The $NFT token is at the core of the platform and will be the primary means of payment across the entire Niftables ecosystem.

The initial amount of $NFT tokens will be $500 million. Furthermore, the distribution of tokens will be in stages, including Seed, Private, and Public. Token holders will be able to save money on their purchases by using their tokens in the Niftbales marketplace, on their personalized user profiles, and on any external white-label platforms.