MixMob Raises $7 Million As It Targets Further Growth

Metaverse game, MixMob, has announced the closure of a funding round that raised $7 million. Defiance Capital led the latest funding round. The funds will enable a phased release of the game from April 2022. Other fundraisers in this round included IOSG Not3lau Capital and Ascensive Assets. In addition, the round attracted several angel investors, such as Illuvium’s  Kieran Warwick, Kyber co-founder Loi Lui, and CEO and founder of FMFW.io, Danish Chaudhry.

MixMob operates on Solana, and its uniqueness comes from integrating P2E with user-generated content creation. That is significantly different from the metaverse games already in place, and MixMob developers are counting on that factor to attract users. CEO and Game Director Simon Vieira described the funding round as essential to helping the game actualize its strategic growth plans in the coming months and years.

The game’s first phase operates on a strategy card racing mechanism. The second phase will see its scope expanded into a Fortnite-like universe. The conceptual framework for the game, including aspects like land ownership and token distribution, are still under development.

MixMob has also had success in the NFT segment, proving its popularity among users. In December 2021, its mutable NFTs sold out. 

About MixMob

MixMob is a P2E game built on the metaverse and created by Encore Studios. It operates on Solanaand draws its inspiration from music, art, fashion, and movies to create the Remix Culture.

The game features NFT collectibles, and its setting is in a world damaged by AI. As AI intrusion damages human culture, players try to salvage it through creativity and style. Consequently, the game rewards its users based on their skill and creativity in line with the Remix Culture. For instance, users can earn Pet NFTs, known as Mixbots, and grow and evolve depending on their in-game activities.