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Minute Network Launches Mintech Innovation Hub

Minutes Network Ltd., a pioneer in blockchain-based wholesale voice termination services, has launched the Mintech Innovations Centre, a hub for innovative protocols and technologies developed in-house to boost operator profitability in the paid-for telecoms market.

Through its novel approach to voice call services, Minutes Network aims to revitalise the profitability of telecommunications operators. To do this, Minutes Network has developed an innovative model that tokenises and monetises bandwidth. 

A new era for telecoms industry

The Minutes Token is the engine that will propel the company’s new sharing economy. The network has partnered with tier 1 carriers and will first focus on terminating international paid-for voice communications. Along the way, it will expand its range of services to include domestic terminations, international and domestic SMS messaging, and more.

The company has a dedicated innovation hub, Mintech, whose mission is to help operators improve profitability in the ever-changing telecoms market, by supplying them with innovative solutions. Minutes Network stands out from its peers by rewarding everyone involved in the telecoms value chain, including callers, callees, and operators of the distributed infrastructure. The company also sets its own pricing for international termination.

Minutes Network is able to terminate traffic for operators at almost zero cost, thanks to the solutions developed by Mintech, which have given them unmatched termination rates. In addition, unlike other wholesale termination providers, this platform is not constrained by regulations because it is a virtual operation.

The market for paid-for voice conversations, both domestically and internationally, is still worth $250 billion per year, notwithstanding the challenges brought about by VOIP.  Mintech is currently working on commercially sensitive technologies, and the company is exploring multiple patent applications to safeguard its intellectual property. In addition, it is currently negotiating exclusivity agreements with potential partners to implement and integrate the new technology suite.