Mintverse Partners With NFTSCAN to Create NFT Legitimacy

NFT aggregator and Marketplace, Mintverse has partnered with NFTSCAN to introduce a verification feature to its users. The verification campaign aims to provide a platform for creating legitimacy for NFTs minted on Ethereum and BNB chain. Specifically, verification will take place via a project verification portal. Users will be required to provide specific information regarding their NFT collections. The verification is a significant divergence from the usual process on OpenSea.

Some of the key information that they will provide include the background of community members, community size, sustainability, innovation, and on-chain statistics. Additionally, the platforms’ users will benefit from a trading fees rebate that runs until June 2022. Therefore, this is likely to incentivize more users to join the Mintverse platform.

NFTSCAN founder, Shier Han, stated that the partnership is likely to appeal to more NFT developers to adopt NFTSCAN. Additionally, he stated that using NFTSCAN’s OPEN-API would enable developers to increase the exposure of their NFT works.

On his part, Mintverse Founder Rene Cao that the NFTSCAN will help promote high potential NFT projects on the platform. He pointed out that such an opportunity was only available on Mintverse. Notably, larger marketplaces and aggregators don’t offer such a service.

We want to give everyone an opportunity to enter the limelight of the NFT ecosystem, but we will definitely ensure we put out quality projects out there with the highest potential.”

Mintverse Founder Rene Cao


About Mintverse

Mintverse is a comprehensive NFT aggregator & marketplace, running on the BNB Chain and Ethereum. The platform is barely one month old. Nonetheless, it has attracted more than 9,000 users, generating over $1 million in trading volume. It helps users discover mint and trade digital collectibles. Ultimately, Mintverse aims to be the largest NFT aggregator and market built on comprehensive data.


NFTSCAN is an NFT browser and data analysis platform. It aims to be the ultimate infrastructure and a one-stop-shop for blockchain data support services. Therefore, users and developers can look forward to high-quality blockchain data rendered by the platform.