Metaverse Project ,The Kingdom Partners With Monkey Legends

Upcoming Metaverse project, The Kingdom and Monkey Legends, the first multi-chain Profile Picture (PFP) NFT project, have signed a strategic collaboration agreement. Partnership with Monkey Legends will allow The Kingdom’s P2E mechanics to benefit from their expertise. You’ll also be able to take part in occasional challenges in The Kingdom if you own Monkey Legend NFT tokens. Monkey Kingdom’s NFT line includes the Monkey Legends set.

Monkey Kingdom is an NFT project whose goal is to build a sense of inclusion among the NFT community while elevating Asian voices and experiences in the web3 ecosystem. Open-world metaverse project The Kingdom, in contrast, will feature culturally-driven gameplay. The Kingdom features immersive cities, missions and quests, NFT avatars, and the ability to design your own worlds.

Monkey Kingdom Harnessing the power of the NFT economy

Monkey Kingdom, one of the most popular Asian NFT collections, launched on the Solana network in November 2021. It has registered a trading volume of  90,000 SOL  on so far.

NFT holders can combine any number of sets to earn rewards such as virtual event access, artist meet-and-greets with the artists, and other perks. Furthermore, landowners in The Kingdom can stake their assets to earn $DIAMOND, which are one of the Kingdom ecosystem tokens . As a bonus, they can also get in-game items, house upgrades, and NFTs.

The NFT holders’ advantages don’t end there. They’ll also have access to MIRAIJUKU, the Kingdom’s first publicly accessible zone. This zone takes its design cues from East Asian metropolises and their neon lights, and from otherworldly and futuristic technologies. T he Kingdom will begin selling land in Q3 2022, followed by the debut of the Metaverse in early Q4.

With two or more Monkey Legends NFTs, you’ll earn a place on a special whitelist for The Kingdom’s first land offering. In addition, holders of these NFTs receive a free Kingdom Crib, a Metaverse house that may be constructed on land obtained in The Kingdom.