Meta Apes Goes Live On BNB Application Sidechain

MMO strategy game Meta Apes has become the first game to launch on the BNB Application Sidechain (BAS). Meta Apes has merged the enjoyable gameplay that Web2 users adore with the incentives and monetization features of Web3. This is possible through the game’s use of Ankr’s gaming SDK. In addition, Ankr has contributed to design BAS, which allows developers to establish and maintain their own blockchains that run parallel to the BNB Chain mainnet.

What makes Meta Apes tick?

Using the Ankr Gaming SDK, Meta Apes just needed a month to migrate from Web2 to Web3. Everything developers need to create their Web3 games, from best-in-class infrastructure and NFTs to marketplaces and multi-chain wallets, is available in Ankr’s new SDK for Web3 gaming. Incorporating NFTs, crypto payment gateways, and other methods is easy using Ankr’s SDKs. The SDK feature makes it easy for game developers to go from Web2 to Web3.

Meta Apes’ setting is in a future where the Apes have taken over the world from human control. This, leads to a new period of rule by Apes. Next on the list is a focus on space control. For the final race to space, each player must cooperate closely with their Gang to build the strongest Clan. The Android version of the game is already available on Google Play, and an iOS version will be out in the near future.

Meta Apes has pushed the boundaries of blockchain gaming with its full Web3 features, better scalability, and easy game mechanics. Tokens and NFT characters are now part of the game thanks to the blockchain integration. Therefore, instead of a gaming studio’s centralized server, all game-related data is stored on the blockchain. Real ownership allows users to freely trade or sell their in-game assets and to profit from their time spent gaming.