Magic Square Rebrands Affiliate Marketing, Launches Magic Boost

The Web3App store Magic Square has rebranded its top affiliate network, formerly known as Magic Affiliates, to Magic Boost. The decision to move forward with this comes after a string of successes and improvements. There is a new logo and an original selling concept as part of the rebranding. Magic Boost packages itself as an all-inclusive solution to the problems of community building and user acquisition that plague every crypto project in the present day.

Magic Boost and mission to disrupt web3 marketing

Each Magic Boost campaign event prioritizes efficiency by giving developers control over the campaign’s key performance indicators and budget. It’s an all-inclusive affiliate marketing scheme that helps blockchain and cryptocurrency builders at every stage. By utilizing Magic Boost’s affiliate network, developers are able to instantly build their own marketing campaigns. This, in turn, drives traffic and conversions across a variety of platforms and channels in a decentralized manner.

All VPN and Proxy traffic have no access, thanks to Magic Boost’s integration with anti-fraud tools. This paves the way for developers to restrict access to their apps in some regions. Furthermore, they can narrow their focus to a single country or completely shut out others. The platform has a solid track record of launching effective marketing campaigns for several crypto projects, like LEAP, Praise Pals, Ready Games, and Centurion Exchange, among others.

Magic Boost’s goal is to revolutionize web 3 marketing. This is a full-fledged program that helps crypto projects overcome their challenges with community building and user acquisition. Powered by blockchain technology, Magic Boost enables instantaneous payments to affiliates and real-time data tracking for developers. The Magic Store is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) platform for app validation, ranking, and prioritization where validators, creators, and users are all financially incentivized to participate. This ensures everyone is a winner on the platform.