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M2E Platform Sweat Economy Launches New NFT Game, Sweat Hero

In an effort to revolutionise the NFT and move-to-earn (M2E) gaming industries, Sweat Economy, a leading online fitness ecosystem, has announced the release of a new hyper-casual game, Sweat Hero. Sweat Hero is more than just a game because of its innovative concept of incorporating physical activity into the digital domain to improve the players’ health and well-being.

Why Sweat Hero is different from other M2E games

According to the Sweat Economy team, Sweat Hero is the pioneering M2E game built on the principles of sustainable tokenomics. Developed for use within the Sweat Wallet smartphone app, the game represents a radical departure from the norm for “pay to play” games. Having the option to compete with peers encourages people to get more exercise and stick with the program.

It is anticipated that the gamification strategy will serve as a significant growth driver for the Sweat Wallet. Furthermore, there is no entry fee to play the game, making it accessible to anybody interested in earning $SWEAT tokens. Millions of individuals can participate in free NFTs on Sweat Hero, and as the community grows, so will the amount of $SWEAT flowing into the token sink.

The game also departs from the standard M2E model in how it handles NFT rewards. With Sweat Hero, millions of users can participate in free NFT mining as they progress through the game. These in-game items will change over time dependent on how far players get in games, how much they exercise, and how often they interact with the Sweat Wallet app. As a result of this ever-shifting development, gamers will have the opportunity to acquire unique NFTs that can be used as digital collectibles.

Future growth plan and inflation hedges

The ecosystem’s supply of liquid and unused tokens will decrease when people trade $SWEAT tokens they’ve earned for walking into Battle Coins they can use in the game. This method, along with Sweat Economy’s 20% Battle Fee that it keeps as a constant token drain, is designed to keep the ecosystem afloat and make the product successful.

In the future, Sweat Economy says it will add seven Arenas where players can get access to higher-paying jobs as they level up. In addition, the team plans to release the dynamic NFT evolvement architecture based on users’ gaming progress, daily physical activities, and participation inside the Sweat Wallet app in Q4 of this year.