Lucky Block Price Prediction: Why LBLOCK Prices are Falling

Lucky Block’s price has fallen by more than 4 per cent in the past 24 hours. The cryptocurrency has also seen its trading volume reduce by 24 per cent during that period. With a current market capitalization of over $90 million, Lucky Block is one of the newest cryptocurrencies to come into the market this year.

Today, the prices of Luck Block are trading 78 per cent below their all-time high of $0.009617. However, investors in the cryptocurrency are still hopeful that the crypto prices will start to rise. One of the major reasons why Lucky Block has not been able to make a major impact in the cryptocurrency market is due to its low trading volume compared to other cryptocurrencies.

For instance, the last 24 hours have seen the coin’s total trading volume reach just under $510,000. Although this number looks big, compared to other cryptocurrencies, it is a very low trading volume. The low trading volume may also be contributing to the recent drop in price of the cryptocurrency.

Lucky Block Price Prediction

The price of Lucky Block is currently trading at $0.002414. This is after dropping by more than 4 per cent in the past 24 hours. Today’s trading session also marks the second consecutive day that Lucky Block has closed the markets at a price below its opening price.

Unfortunately, Lucky Block has not yet become mainstream, and hence charts of the cryptocurrencies are unavailable. However, we can look at the recent and make a prediction of where I expect the cryptocurrency to trade in the next few days. For starters, the current trend of Lucky block, based on the last two trading sessions is bearish.

Data from its trading volume also does not instil a lot of confidence in the prices having a bullish move in the coming days. Therefore, I expect the current bearish trend to continue. The data also shows that in most days, the markets have lacked volatility in the past few weeks, an indication that the bearish move will be weak.