KuCoin’s Windvane NFT Marketplace to Sponsor NYC.NFT 2022

Cryptocurrency trading platform KuCoin has announced that Windvane, its NFT marketplace, will serve as the official sponsor of NFT 2022. The New York City convention for NFT fans and creators attracts attendees from all over the world. From the 20th through the 23rd of June, participants can attend in person in Times Square for the three-day extravaganza. With this initiative, the NFT community will have a platform to express itself and expand even faster.

What’s Windvane’s mission in this?

Together with NFT.NYC, Windvane aims to bring together crypto enthusiasts, creators, and artists from around the world to improve the NFT industry. As a way to openly support mainstream NFT blockchains, WindVane is developing a platform that is both complete and extremely interoperable. NFTs on KuCoin will be available for everyone to choose from, and Windvane wants to be be a one-stop shop for the best NFT offerings.

It’s a multi-chain decentralized full-featured NFT trading platform that lets you launch NFTs, mint new tokens, trade them, manage them, and do a whole lot more all in one place. Cocktail Party with KuCoin Ventures and Superpower will be held on June 21st at Dream Downtown’s Electric Room. KuCoin Ventures CEO Justin Chou will be in attendance and offer his thoughts on the NFT market’s future.

Fungi Chic, the Founder of Windvane, states, “We are looking forward to discussing and exploring Web 3.0 with NFT lovers and creators from all over the world.” 

With the support of  KuCoin, Windvane hopes to be able to discover startups and improve the NFT space with the $100 million Creators Fund they recently announced. The Creators Fund was established in April 2022 by Windvane and KuCoin to help in the advancement of NFT technology. Young artists and creators will benefit from the fund, which aims to expose them to a wider audience. It will also encourage and foster promising NFT initiatives with strong teams and cutting-edge technologies in the pipeline.