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Kinesis and Valaurum Partner to Mint and Circulate Physical Gold Bills

Kinesis Money, the 1:1 gold and silver-backed monetary system, has announced a partnership with Valaurum, the maker of the patented Aurum gold bill, on a global scale. Through this collaboration, Valaurum will issue a series of Kinesis gold bills carrying modest quantities of gold suitable for investment and spending around the world.

As a result of the partnership between the two companies, investors, collectors, and governments now have access to Kinesis gold bullion in the form of a handy bill. Kinesis and Valaurum are creating a new currency that can be used just like fiat currency, and it expands the market for gold bullion by giving it new applications.

How about some gold in your wallet?

The Aurum is the smallest verifiable unit of gold bullion available on the global market, and it is produced and distributed by Valaurum, Inc. using its own proprietary, patented technology. Thanks to the pairing up between Kinesis and Valaurum, people globally will soon be able to send, receive, and transact in gold through a streamlined digital monetary system that integrates the Aurum. They have described the product as the new gold standard and affordable gold bullion.

The Kinesis Aurum will be accepted for deposit and minting in return for whole or fractional amounts of KAU tokens and will be fully redeemable through the Kinesis Money platform under the terms of the agreement.

Starting with two bills carrying 100 milligrammes (mg) and one gramme (g) of gold, respectively, Kinesis and Valaurum will release a series of co-branded “Kinesis Aurum” with unique custom designs. Each bill features a precise micro-layer of gold that can be seen from edge to edge, giving investors, collectors, and gold enthusiasts a unique, convenient and fun way to store and use the world’s most popular precious metal.

Kinesis Bullion, an online bullion trader, will market and sell the bills independently. Together, Kinesis and Valaurum aim to promote the use of gold as a global currency, like years of the old. In addition, they are giving governments a holistic digital and physical gold-based monetary system.

In addition, Kinesis intends to use this new venture to solidify its position as a frontrunner in the digital and physical gold spending markets via the Kinesis Virtual Card and Kinesis Aurum, respectively.