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Kaspa Announces $1 Million Token Airdrop In 2nd Birthday Celebration Featuring OKX, Coinpal.io

Kaspa, the Layer-1 blockchain network, has announced a major airdrop campaign as it celebrates 2 years of operation. The company has partnered with Coinpal.io, OKX Web3, ICERIVER, IGV, and Rhubarb Media to launch the airdrop which will see the issuance of $1 Million worth of Kaspa’s native $KAS tokens. In addition, the project will reward users with custom-designed NFT-KASBOTS.

Kaspa’s mission security, community, speed and low cost-

Kaspa is open-source, decentralized, and fully scalable blockchain network with multiple use cases. In addition, Kaspa is the world’s first blockDAG, which is to say that it is designed to allow running of parallel blocks, with instant transaction confirmation. Its unique architecture runs on proof-of-work protocol, powered by rapid single-second block intervals.

The project is promoting itself as an alternative to Bitcoin network’s slow transaction speeds and high fees, thanks to its high security, fast transaction speed and high throughput. Furthermore, Kaspa is led by a team of experienced industry leaders, who have prioritised speed, scalability, reliability and community participation. a community-led ethos.

Kaspa says that it has the fastest transaction speed among open-source networks, powered by its single-second block intervals which not only achieves high transaction speed but also ensures a high level of responsiveness and reliability.

Heading into the future, Kaspa plans to roll out Smart Contracts built on rollup technology. That would expand its market and help achieve even higher speed and efficiency of blockchain transactions. As decentralised finance becomes increasingly popular, Smart Contracts are becoming an important part of the payments market and is expected to challenge traditional financial models.

How to get your hands on $KAS during the airdrop

To celebrate Kaspa’s 2nd birthday and the launch of the 1 Million Airdrop Campaign with Coinpal.io, OKX, ICERiver, IGV, and Rhubarb Media on OKX Cryptopedia, all people are invited to partake in this remarkable event. This is not just a celebration of Kaspa’s journey but also a recognition of its role in shaping the future of blockchain technology.

To qualify for the airdrop, participants need to log in to their OKX Wallet Mobile App and visit the Cryptopedia X Kaspa season section. They will then be required to complete some tasks to enable them to receive KASbots NFTs, which will qualify them for the opportunity to get $KAS during the airdrop. Additionally, DAGKnight is a rare category that will earn lucky participants a ticket, to receive special rewards.