Jasmy Coin Price Prediction: Why Prices are Likely to Hit $0.05

Jasmy Coin price is on the rise, and there is a possibility of hitting $0.05 in the coming days. This is after a three-day hiatus of the bullish move that saw the cryptocurrency drop by 20 per cent.

Understanding Jasmy

Jasmy’s dream is to see a world that has data democracy. According to the project’s whitepaper, they indicate the goal can be achieved by building a decentralized, democratic world, where data is protected as inherently owned by individuals. The platform also indicates that it is on a mission to provide an infrastructure that allows anybody to use data safely and securely.

To achieve this, they propose a number of solutions that include pursuing the convenience of data utilization, building a place that creates value, and contributing to innovation. The platform’s three main targets are its users, companies that face challenges when collecting personal data, and the limit of data management, which is mostly centralized.

Jasmy Coin Price Prediction

Jasmy is in a weak bullish market. The prices have also started to rise the recent 20 per cent drop which started on March 24 and took 3 days. In today’s trading session, Jasmy price has remained relatively stable, recording a price increase of around two per cent.

Looking at the daily chart below, we can see that Jasmy set a new yearly low on March 9, when its price traded at $0.030. the chart also shows that the Williams Alligator indicator is showing signs that the prices are on a bullish move. The indicator also shows a reversal of the long-term bearish move which started in early November 2021.

Putting everything into perspective, my Jasmy Coin price prediction shows that the prices will continue rising as shown in the daily chart below. My analysis also shows that the current bullish move is likely long-term and may last for weeks. Therefore, there is a possibility of the price trading above $0.05 in the next few days.

Jasmy Coin Daily Chart