InterPop to Release Beta Version of Its Trading Card Game

Web3 digital entertainment startup InterPop has announced the upcoming release of the Beta version of its new trading card game, Emergents Trading Card Game (TCG). To provide a fun and engaging gaming experience, the TCG draws on the rich canon established by InterPop. To reduce their impact on the environment, gamers can use the Tezos blockchain to transform their cards into digital valuables. Also, you can acquire cards, cosmetics, and other in-game assets by using virtually any wallet available within the Tezos ecosystem.

One of InterPop’s goals is to unite Web3 and traditional gaming.

Combining the in-depth strategy of traditional TCGs with the ease and speed of digital TCGs and the digital ownership of Web3, this game gives the best of all worlds. InterPop’s mission is to combine cutting-edge innovation with established fandom norms. This results in wholly original experiences that do not sacrifice the cherished traditions of our collectables, comics, and games consoles.

Everyone involved with development work at InterPop is a fan as well as a professional in the field. Its members include three people enshrined in the Magic. The first is the Gathering Hall of Fame, and the second is the defending Magic: the Gathering World Champion. The other one is the winner of numerous professional tournaments, and the creator of more than 50 Magic: the Gathering games and expansions.

InterPop will be releasing a special promotional “Super Booster” card pack to mark the transition from Private to Public Beta for the TCG. The pack’s whitelist pre-sale begins on August 18 and includes a ton of bonus materials. General public sales will commence on August 19. Price points for the two tiers of packs are set at 50 and 175 XTZ.

To participate in the whitelist presale for the Super Booster, fans must sign up by August 17 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. One further tier, Epic Super Booster, will be released and auctioned off in a limited quantity of 8.