Heavy Metal Magazine to Drop NFTs on Crypto.com

Crypto.com NFT today announced an upcoming release of an NFT collection from famed fantasy, science fiction and horror publisher Heavy Metal Magazine. The collection is set for release on February 4th. The release exemplifies Heavy Metal’s continued revolution-this time embracing the web 3 concept. The NFT collection drop will grant token holders the chance to become collaborators on an exclusive Heavy Metal release featuring five publications.

While adopting a new technology for this release, the magazine will stick to its traditional themes, distinctive, vivid, and captivating storytelling. Furthermore, the collection will be an exclusive collaborative work between Heavy Metal’s in-house creatives and the NFT holders. The collaborative work is under the title “Writing with the Legends”.

Writing with the Legends

The NFT collection will be feature exclusive medallion animations. Holders of the tokens will gain exclusive access to the five corresponding channels on Heavy Metal’s Discord Server. There will be five stories in this collaborative series.

Out of the five stories, two will cover Heavy Metal cult heroes, “Taarna” and “Cold Dead War” and appear on the main magazine. The other three will be standalone novels covering horror, fantasy and science fiction. This will give the collaborators an opportunity for their works to appear in Heavy Metal’s highly-revered magazines. 

While the technical details of the collaborative framework will come out later, this promises to be a groundbreaking set of publications.     

This project we are doing with Crypto.com NFT is the first of its kind — a true partnership between creative professionals and creative enthusiasts.”

 Heavy Metal CEO Matthew Medney.

 Crypto.com Executive Vice President and Global Head of NFT Joe Conyers III expressed his pleasure at working with Heavy Metal, describing the project as “the future of storytelling”.

How the Crypto.com-Heavy Metal NFT Project will work

The Heavy Metal community will vote to choose the top five characters from the five stories. However, the five exclude the magazine’s canonical characters. Additionally, the community will vote for the artist to participate in the series. Heavy Metal Magazine will release the collection, inspired by the Heavy Metal anthology film and the five winning characters.

The film and the characters will be developed into profile picture projects (PFP). After that, there will be an airdrop of the PFPs to the NFT medallion holders at the time of the drop. All the NFTs will exclusively be on Crypto.com NFT platform.

The medallion holders will have full rights to use their corresponding characters in whichever manner they please. Heavy Metal’s writers will draft content, based on which the community will issue suggestions and even vote.

About Crypto.com NFT

Crypto.com NFT is a fast-growing NFT platform, providing creatives and collectors with a resourceful pool of NFT solutions. It has developed a close working relationship with artists like Snoop Dogg, Lionel Richie and Mr. Brainwash. Furthermore, it works with elite institutions like BossLogic, UFC and Formula One team, Aston Martin. The Crypto.com NFT platform works on proof-of-stake mechanism and is powered by crypto exchange platform, Crypto.com.

About Heavy Metal Magazine

Heavy Metal Magazine is a culture-centric and highly illustrated magazine, first published in 1977. It has remained true to its outstanding pieces for over four decades, covering popular science fiction, horror, and fantasy. It has developed a passionate following among millions of readers worldwide. These fans have developed a close relationship with the magazine’s canonical and cultic characters and heroes.

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