Harmony One Price Prediction: TVL down by 50%

The next few days could be very critical for any Harmony One price prediction. The price seems to be hanging by a thread as it is retesting the support at $0.11 once again. Since the price has already tested this support multiple times so there is a higher likelihood of a breakdown. The bulls need to hold this key support or the bear trend might get intensified. At the moment there are no signs of recovery and Harmony one coin is trading sideways. 

Latest Harmony Coin News 

Harmony has emerged as a major smart contract platform. Its goal is to become a highly scalable blockchain without any compromise on security. A couple of months ago a decentralized application known as DeFi Kingdoms became a huge hit on the platform. DeFi Kingdoms incorporates the features of Play to Earn and Decentralized Finance on a single platform.

According to DeFi llama, $636 million are locked on the Harmony One crypto network. The platform TVL has reduced to half as it was $1.36 billion in January. The decrease in TVL is also due to the decrease in Harmony One price prediction which is the most staked asset.

As per the latest Harmony One news, it is taking part in the Eth Amsterdam event. The event will take place from 22nd – 24th April. It would allow the Team to interact with thousands of developers, creators, and users. 

Harmony One Price Prediction 

ONE is the native asset of Harmony protocol. Technical analysis of ONE price chart shows that it has been in a constant downtrend since January 2022. The cryptocurrency has tested the support of $0.11 multiple times but failed to gain any momentum. At the time of writing, the price is still hovering in the critical zone.

The only hope for the bulls is a strong bounce off the current levels with an increase in volume. In addition, the price also needs to break out of the downwards trendline making a higher high. Reclaim of the $0.18 level could send the price to the $0.21 level within a very short time. Consequently, Harmony One crypto prices could also surge to $0.27 in the 4th quarter of 2022. This level perfectly aligns with the 0.618 Fib level of the current retracement from January ATH of $0.38. However, A breakdown below $0.11 could throw all the bullish Harmony One price prediction out of the window. 

ONE USD Price Chart

Harmony One Price Chart